Haku - the spirit which remains behind in the material world - (1985)

Basic Information
Japanese 魄 = この世に残り留まる心霊 =
German Haku - Die der irdischen Welt verhaftete Seele -
Opus 062
Year 1985
Category Chamber
Duration 18 min.
Instruments shakuhachi, shamisen, koto
Score information

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About this Work

«In the olden days, it was believed that upon death there was a separation into two sprits, "KON" which rose up to the heavens and "HAKU" which stayed on the earth. "KON" took light from the heavens and was man's soul while "HAKU" took up the earth's darkness and ruled the physical matter of life.

«This is a work for a quartet in Japanese music and the sounds and their echoes born from contact with this way of thought remain behind on the earth and aim to create a special world of sound to give its substance form.»

Maki Ishii