Nagano Winter Olympics 1998

In February 1998, the Winter Olympic Games took place in Nagano, Japan.

For the opening and closing ceremonies, Maki Ishii composed and arranged several of the music pieces, and was in charge of the musical supervision of the closing ceremony.

Opening Ceremory (February 7, 1998)

Entrance of the Emperor and Empress of Japan

Title Music for the entrance of the Emperor and the Empress
Composer Sukeyasu Shiba
Arrangement Maki Ishii
Conductor Daisuke Soga
Performer Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra
Duration 30 seconds

Entrance of the Yukinko (Snow Children)

Title Entrance of the Yukinko
Composer Maki Ishii
Duration 8 minutes

The Parade of Athletes

Composer Maki Ishii, Masaru Tanaka, Masanori Fujita, Isao Matsushita
Conductor Yoshikazu Tanaka (田中 良和) and Daisuke Soga (曽我 大介)
Performer Sukeyasu Shiba (芝祐靖) (flute), Takeshi Sasamoto (flute), the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, the Yoichi Daiko (与一太鼓) drumming group.
Duration 41 minutes
Info Paraphrase based on Japanese Minyō Folk Music Songs.
Coordination Maki Ishii

Prelude (overall theme): (Maki Ishii)

1st movement: "Paraphrase based on folk music from Hokkaidō and Okinawa": Maki ishii

2nd movement: "Kiramaki no Toki" ("Sparkle"): Masaru Tanaka

3rd movement: "Yamanami ni Kodama suru Kanki no Koe" ("The Voide of Joy Echoing through the Mountains"): Masanori Fujita

4th movement: "Paraphrase of Minyō Folk Music of Shinahu": Isao Matsushita

Epilogue (overall theme): Maki Ishii

Performance of the Japanese National Anthem

Arrangement Maki Ishii
Conductor Yoshikazu Tanaka (田中良和)
Performer Sukeyasu Shiba (芝祐靖) (ryūteki), Mayumi Miyata (宮田まゆみ) (shō), the Reigakusha gagaku group, Hiroko Yamaguchi (山口裕子) (harp), and the Festival String Ensemble
Duration 1 minute

Closing Ceremony (February 22, 1998)

Prologue: "Music for Lighting the Kagaribi bonfires" and "Music for the Entrance of the Hanagasa Dōjo"

Composer Maki Ishii
Conductor Junnosuke Yamamoto
Performer Festival String Ensemble
Duration 4 minutes 30 seconds

Parade of the Athletes

Data (see above Opening Ceremony)

Extinguishing of the Olympic Cauldron

Title "Kokubetsu" (Farewell)
Composer Maki Ishii
Conductor Daisuke Soga


Sukeyasu Shiba, Takeshi Sasamoto, Naoko Miyamaru (kozutsumi shoulder drum), the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra
Duration 2 minutes

Hanabi (Japanese Fireworks)

Title Music for Fireworks
Composer Maki Ishii
Conductor Junnosuke Yamamoto


Festival String Ensemble
Duration 11 minutes