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Musical Scores
Publisher ID Year Opus Title
MMV 51701967010Expressions (for string orchestra)
MMV 50581969014Kyō-Sō (for percussion groups and full orchestra)
MMV 50911969015La-Sen (music for 7 players and electronic sounds)
MMV 51021970017La-Sen II (for violoncello solo)
MMV 5135a1970019aShikyō (music for gagaku)
MMV 5135c1971019Sō-Gū II (for gagaku and orchestra)
MMV 5135b1971019bDipol (for orchestra)
MMV 50621971020Sen-Ten (for one percussionist and electronic sounds)
MMV 51421973022Polaritäten (for solists and orchestra)
MMV 51431973024Nucleus (for biwa, harp, shakuhachi, and flute)
MMV 51851974025Anime Amare (for harp and tape)
MMV 51861975026Jo (for orchestra)
MMV 53141976028Monochrome (for japanese drums and gongs)
MMV 51921976029Mono-Prism (for Japanese drums and orchestra)
MMV 5217A1978032 (A)Lost Sounds I – version A (for violin and piano)
MMV 5217B1978032 (B)Lost Sounds I – Version B (violin, piano, and 2 percussions)
MMV 5217C1978032 (C)Lost Sounds I – Version C (for violin, piano, 2x percussions, harp, clarinet, and flute)
MMV 53151978033Lost Sounds II (for organ solo)
MMV 52061978034Lost Sounds III (Concerto for violin and orchestra)
No. 52351979039Sho-kō – tetra tone sounds (for orchestra)
MMV 53131981046Dyu-Ha (for KODŌ (japanese drummer group))
MMV 52761982050 (A)Afro Concerto – Version A (for Marimba, Percussion, and Orchestra)
MMV 52761982050 (B)Afro Concerto – Version B (for Percussion solo (Marimba and Percussion) and Orchestra)
MMV 52781983053A Gleam of Time (for harp solo)
MMV 53161983055Hiten-Seidō II (for marimba duo)
No. 5293a1984056aKaguyahime Suite (Night gleam princess) (symphonic suite for percussion groups)
MMV 53201984058Alternation I (for alt saxophone and marimba)
No. 53091984060Gioh (for Yokobue (jap. traditional transverse flute) and orchestra)
No. 5293b1985056bKaguyahime Ballet (Night gleam princess) (for ballet, 8 japanese drums, 8 ercussions, and 3 gagaku player)
MMV 5308-081985063Gedatsu (a spirit delivered) (concerto for yokobue and orchestra)
MMV 5324-021985066Thirteen Drums (for percussion solo)
No. 52951986071Intrada (for orchestra)
MMV 53891987052bA Time of Afterglow [version B] (Version for violin and piano)
MMV 54001987073Tango-Prism (for accordeon solo)
MMV 54011987075Hiten-Seidō III (for marimba solo)
MMV 53881988077Music for shō and cello
MMV 53871988079Concertante (for marimba and 6 percussionists)
MMV 53951989082Yoru no Hibiki (night sounds) (for violin solo)
No. 54631989084Fū Shi (Shape of the Wind) (for orchestra)
No. 54781989085Garei (The Spiritual Power of Gagaku) (for orchestra)
No. 54801989-1992084-086Floating Wind (for orchestra)
No. 54791989-1992086Saidōki (Demon) (for percussion solo and orchestra)
MMV 54811991093Piano piece -- north - silver - night(winter) (for piano solo)
No. 54821992095Percussion Concerto – South - Fire - Summer (for percussion solo and orchestra)
MMV 54831992096String quartett – West - Gold - Autumn