Marimba piece (1969)

Basic Information
Japanese マリンバ曲
German Marimbastück
Opus 016
Year 1969
Category Chamber
Duration 7 min.
Instruments Mba, 2 Perc
Score information
Ongaku no Tomo Music Publisher
Address Shinjuku-ku Kagurazaka 6-30
J-162-8716 Tokyo
Phone (publishing section): +81 (0)3-3235-2145

About this Work

Maki Ishii, 1987 (transl. Hiromi Fukuda). Source: CD "Hiten-Seidō – Marimba Works by Maki Ishii" (ALM Records ALCD-68)

This work, which I composed eighteen years ago (i.e. 1969), is the very first piece that I wrote for the marimba.

The marimba part is written in such a style that the player is always aware of and makes use of his own sense of rhythm—in japanese "ma" (間)—when performing. Both percussionists tune themselves into the marimba part.

Acoustically, the attacking sounds of several different percussion instruments (including traditional Japanese instruments) are synchronized with that of the marimba so that the timbre of the marimba turns into a sound cluster—this technique is applied at many instances in this piece.