Anime Amare (1974)

Basic Information
Japanese アニメアマーレ
German Anime Amare
Opus 025
Year 1974
Category Solo
Duration 22 min.
Instruments hp, tape
Score information
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About this Work

«"Amime Amare" was written for the harpist Ayako Shinozaki in 1975. It was premiered in West Berlin by Ms. Shinozaki in the autumn of the same year.

«In this composition I explored the numerous contemporary harp techniques and made them essential to the structural sonority of the composition. With few exceptions the overall dynamic level of the composition is piano emphasising the elegant tone color of the instrument. In the middle section of the composition a famous passage by Claude Debussy is quoted and transformed.

«Throughout the work the harpist responds closely to the prerecorded tape. The tape itself was created with sounds produced on the harp as the principal sound source.»

Maki Ishii