Black Intention III (1977)

Basic Information
Japanese ブラック・インテンション III
German Black Intention III
Opus 031
Year 1977
Category Solo
Duration 12 min.
Instruments pf
Score information
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J-161-0034 Tokyo
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Description by the Composer

«Black Intention III was written in 1977 for the pianist Aki Takahashi. It is an extension of Black Intention I for recorder (composed for Frans Brüggen) and Black Intention II which was scored for woodwind trio.

«The duration of each phrase is determined by the duration of one breath by the perormer. The deep breaths for fff phrases and the intense, heavy breaths for the ppp phrases indicated on the score contributes to the formation of the time structures of the piece and at the same time directly influences the subtle nuances of attack and tone color. This procedure is intended as a means of unifying the instrument with the performer in a way not found in conventional music.»

Maki Ishii, 1977