Lost Sounds III (1978)

Basic Information
Japanese 失われた響き(ロスト サウンズ) III
German Lost Sounds III
Opus 034
Year 1978
Category Orchestra/Concerto
Duration 14 min.
Instruments vn, orch
Score information
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Description by the Composer

«The title Lost Sounds implies the rehabilitation of the consonance. which was banished by the avant-garde style of music which achieved worldwide prominence during the 1950s and 1960s. But since the reinstatement of these "lost sounds" takes place in a circumspect manner within the inner structure of the work. the sense of tonality pervades the overall sound of the music rather than coming to the fore.

«A sense of the eternal passage of time is created throughout the work by the perpetual melody performed by the solo violin in a restricted ambit at the extreme top limit of the instrument's range, and also by the contrasting multi-layering of melodic fragments in the orchestral parts. The hurtling uneven rhythms which make frequent appearances and the two contrasting sound groups attempt to interrupt this flow of time. The aim of this work is thus to give rise to a new, tonal sound world in which infinite and finite musical time (rhythm) and consonance and dissonance clash within the same space-time continuum.

«The work was commissioned by the NHK and given its first broadcast performance by the NHK Symphony Orchestra under Hiroyuki Iwaki in autumn 1978 with the violinist Teiko Maehashi. The first concert performance was given at the Tokyo Bunka Kaikan in November 1979 by the New Japan Philharmonic Orchestra under the direction of the composer, with Isako Shinozaki as the soloist. The first European performance took place in Geneva in August 1983, given by the Orchestre de la Suisse Romande under the direction of the composer, with Paul Zukofsky as the soloist.»

Maki Ishii