Beyond a Distance (1980)

Basic Information
Japanese 彼方へ
German Beyond a Distance
Opus 041
Year 1980
Category Solo
Duration 9 min.
Instruments pf
Score information
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J-161-0034 Tokyo
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About this Work

Maki Ishii, 1992 (transl. Kei Ishii)

This work was written to commemorate the late composer Yoshiro Irino, who had introduced the 12-tone music to Japan.

In the entire piece, the feeling of "condolence" is expressed by both the overtones which arise from the bass octave sounds and the continuous arpeggio sounds. Then, in the middle part, all of a sudden, the dodecaphonic tone-row (série) from Irino's masterpiece "Sinfonietta for Orchestra" starts to unfold.