Hibiki no Hyō-Shō (1981)

Basic Information
Japanese 響きの表象
German Hibiki no Hyō-Shō
Opus 044
Year 1981
Category Chamber
Duration 8 min.
Instruments vn, pf
Score information
Ongaku no Tomo Music Publisher
Address Shinjuku-ku Kagurazaka 6-30
J-162-8716 Tokyo
Phone (publishing section): +81 (0)3-3235-2145
Web http://www.ongakunotomo.co.jp/

Description by the Composer

«This piece was written for the Duo-Recital of Kenji Kobayashi (violin) and Toshi Ichiyanagi (composer and pianist) held in Tokyo in January, 1980.

«The title of the composition refers to the memory and influence of the New York Experimental Group headd by John Cage and the effect it has had on both Mr. Kobayashi and Mr. Ichiyanagi. In the violin part the soft sounds symbolize the unreal or imagined while the strong sonorities represent reality. The sounds intersect creating a surface that contains both of these elements but has a special character of its own. The piano part progresses through infinite variations of twenty-two soft sounds in a circular or spiralling motion.»

Maki Ishii, 1981