Autumn Metamorphose (1986)

Basic Information
Japanese 秋のメタモルフォーゼ
German Herbst-Metamorphose
Opus 070
Year 1986
Category Chamber
Duration 14 min.
Instruments pf, hp, vib
Score information

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About this Work

This work has metamorphosised a certain "theme". The original form of a "theme" does not appear at all at the surface in this work; yet it is grounded in a "theme" composed following the latter romantic style of the same composer. (The "theme" under discussion was composed for "Herbst-Variante" for orchestra (1986/op. 68), a work by the same composer.)

"Autumn Metamorphose" brings about the metamorphosis (transfiguration) of this "theme", and therein aims to search for a modern meaning.

This work was composed for three outstanding performers: Aki Takahashi, Fumiko Shinozaki, and Yasunori Yamaguchi.