Rō Rō no Hibiki (1987)

Basic Information
Japanese 琅琅の響き
German Rō Rō no Hibiki
Opus 076
Year 1987
Category Chamber
Duration 40 min.
Instruments sanukitphone, mba, org/acc
Score information

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About this Work

Maki Ishii, 1987 (transl. Hiromi Fukuda). Source: CD "Hiten-Seidō - Marimba Works by Maki Ishii", ALM Records ALCD-68

This work is inspired by a fictional image—nature-worship "ceremony of sonority." The "wooden instrument (marimba)" symbolizes the awe for the power of Nature—the existence of spirituality—by imitating the sonority of the woods and converting the natural phenomenon into sounds. The organ functions as the mediator in the "ceremony of sonority."

[Note: In this work, I quote the "Lost Sounds" from my solo organ piece. lt may sound paradoxical, but here, the "Lost Sounds" actually correspond to what we normally identify as Western music, which has definite pitch, endless melody, and continuous rhythm.]

I dedicate this piece with much respect to Mr. Maeda, the maker of the "Stone Instrument."