Tango-Prism (1987)

Basic Information
Japanese タンゴ・プリズム
German Tango-Prism
Opus 073
Year 1987
Category Solo
Duration 10 min.
Instruments acc
Score information
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About this Work

«The intention behind the piece is to project the fascinating and brilliant music of the tango through a modern, contemporary prism to vary them, and thus to draw up new musical contents. First, the ventilation sounds of the accordion are used to produce the initial rhythm of "La Cumparsita". Next, "Obligato"-counter melodies appear along the distorted melodies of the tango. Further along modified fragments of "Jalousie" appear, and from these complications the work continues to develop.

«"Tango-Prism" is dedicated to Mie Miki.»

Maki Ishii