Concertante (1988)

Basic Information
Japanese コンチェルタンテ
German Concertante
Opus 079
Year 1988
Category Chamber
Duration 23 min.
Instruments mba, perc
Score information
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About this Work

«It was several years ago that Keiko Abe and Les Percussions de Strasbourg honoured me by asking me to write a work for them to commemorate the twenty-fifth anniversary of the foundation of the ensemble. I am very happy that I have at last managed to respond to their request in the form of the present work, "Concertante for Marimba Solo and 6 Percussionists".

«As suggested by the title, the marimba and the ensemble perform together in a relationship which, as manifested in rhythm and tone colour, is sometimes antagonistic and sometimes harmonious. Nevertheless, the sonic and dynamic structure of the work contains new elements not present within the conventional concept of the concertante form. The core of the work is formed by two principal elements, namely the clash between indeterminate and determinate rhythms, and the fusion between metallic, silvery tone colours in the Western manner and wooden tone colours in the East Asian manner.

«I have dedicated this "Concertante" to Keiko Abe, the radiant founder of the contemporary art of marimba performance, and Les Percussions de Strasbourg, the ensemble which has played a crucial and pioneering role in spreading percussion music all over the world.»

Maki Ishii