Saidōki (Demon) (1989-1992)

Basic Information
Japanese 砕動鬼
German Saidōki (Dämon)
Opus 086
Year 1989-1992
Category Orchestra/Concerto
Duration 13 min.
Instruments Orch, Perc
Score information
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About this Work

«In 1423, the then 61 years old Zeami [Motokiyo] wrote the "Sandō" [Three Elements in Composing in Play], in which he wrote down the foundation of the original Nō-play, for his second son. In it the following passage can be found:

«"The "Saidōfū" style takes roughness as a foundation while one has to crush the body in performing.

«"To perform the demon of the "saidōfū" is to form the outer appearance of a demon with the inner soul of a human."

«(Remark: "sai" means "to crush", "dō" movement, "fū" is style, "ki" means demon.)

«The title of my work "Saidōki" therefore denotes the "ki"-demon of the "Saidō" style. In the percussion solo of my work, the metal percussion are in the center, which with the addition of the wooden (bamboo) percussions creates a peculiar and unique compund sound. When these sounds merge with the sound of the orchestra, the outward "vigorous and rough demon" with an inner "human soul" appears, seeking to create a new sound universe.»

Maki Ishii (translation: Kei Ishii)