Tenor recorder piece – East - Green - Spring (1991)

Basic Information
Japanese テノール・リコーダー曲 ー東・緑・春ー
German Higashi - Midori - Haru (Osten - Grün - Frühling)
Opus 094
Year 1991
Category Solo
Duration 7 min. 30 sec.
Instruments ten-rec
Score information
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About this Work

Dan Laurin, 1994. Source: CD "The Japanese Recorder - Dan Laurin, Recorders & Tam-Tam". Grammofon AB BIS, BIS-CD-655

Maki Ishii's east•green•spring is a piece commissioned by the international recorder competition in Calw, Germany in 1992. The work consists of three sections played attacca. The distressing, beautiful melody of the opening is cut to pieces in the same bestial mannter that we experienced in Black Intention I. The second section presents a whole collection of compositional tricks in order to disguise the relatively limited number of themes. The illusion of multiplicity is created by continual variation of accentuation, articulation, dynamics and note values – all within a rondo form which in fact quite simple. The piece comes to an end with a cascade of notes.