San-Shun (1993)

Basic Information
Japanese 讃春
German San-Shun (Lob des Frühlings)
Opus 098
Year 1993
Category Solo
Duration 8 min.
Instruments ryuteki
Score information

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Description by the Composer

«Sanshun was composed for Sukeyasu Shiba, one of the formost exponents of the ryūteki transverse flute. The core of the work is occupied by a fragment of the melody of the Gagaku piece Shukōshi, set in the Gagaku mode known as sōjō associated with spring. Starting from this core, the music initially employs the traditional performance technique of the ryūteki. This technique is then gradually elaborated upon through incorporation of modern performance techniques in order to strive after a new world of musical expression for the instrument.»

(Maki Ishii, 12 Dez 1993. Source: Program of the world premiere)