Bassoon rhapsody II (1999)

Basic Information
German Fagott-Rhapsodie II
Japanese ファゴット ラプソディー II
Opus 114
Year 1999
Category Chamber
Instruments Bn-qu
Score information

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About this Work

«"Fagott-Rhapsodie II" includes as important elements fragments of a traditional Japanese shakuhachi bamboo flute solo piece, "Distant Sounds of Deer," (Shika no Toone) as well as figure fragments quoted from famous European musical works that take Goethe works as their themes.

«I have tried, in rhapsodic style, to represent a new and different bassoon world, mixing together in a contemporary manner traditional Japanese sounds and the sounds of Western symphonic music within the same time and space.

«Bassoon figures are quoted from the following Western works:

"Symphonie Ⅷ" (G. Mahler) – "Eine Faust-Symphonie" (F. Liszt) – "L'apprenti sourcier" (P. Dukas) – "Egmont" (L. von Beethoven) – "La damnation de Faust" (H. Berlioz) – "Erlkönig" (F. Schubert).

«"Fagott-Rhapsodie Ⅱ" is a companion work to my "Fagott-Rhapsodie", composed three years ago for the Berliner Fagottoquartett. Both works can also be performed continously together.»

Maki Ishii (translation: Chris Drake)