Image in the Forest (2001)

Basic Information
Japanese 森の心象(イメージ イン ザ フォレスト)
German Image in the Forest
Opus 120
Year 2001
Category Solo
Duration 10 min.
Instruments hp
Score information

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Description by the Composer

«Berlin (the former West Berlin), my second home, is full of parks and other green spaces, including a dense forest inside the city. And with the german unification, vast forest areas of the former Eastern Germany became accessible. Walking in these forests, with the chirping of birds, and the running of small animals, and the sound of the wind rustling through the trees, was something that I would not miss in my daily life there.

«This harp solo is not meant to imitate the concrete sounds of the woods, but rather seeks to capture the impression of forest, that is, the forms of the inner consciousness born out of the various sounds of the woods, or the musical fragments mentally floating around.

«Premiere: 19 October 2001, at the "Ayako Shinozaki Recital", Tokyo Bunka Kaikan. Harp: Ayako Shinozaki.»

Maki Ishii (transl. K. Ishii)