Drifting Island (1979)

Basic Information
Japanese 漂う島
German Drifting Island
Opus 038
Year 1979
Category Chamber
Duration 12 min.
Instruments 17-gen, Perc
Score information
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About this Work

Maki Ishii, 1985 Source: CD "Ecologue - Sound Space of Percussion - Sumire Yoshihara" Camerata 36CM-6

In this work, as shown in the image, simple 4 "tetratone" of 17-string koto ranged 3 octaves (4 octaves in case of including flageolet tones) is the important motif. In addition to it there are vast sounds of tam-tam and others as well as jumps of marimba (it often springs from the motif of tetratone to the dodecaphonic tone-form). Harmonizing, confronting and crossing, this jump of tune and "simplicity & complication" in sounds form a new sound space by the 'master feat' of Kazue Sawai and Sumire Yoshihara.

This work was premiered on October 22, 1979 at "Kazue Sawai's 17-string koto Recital" at Aoyama Tour Hall performed by Kazue Sawai and Sumire Yoshihara, to both of whom this was dedicated. Since then it has already been performed more than 20 times.

17-string koto tuning (tetratone)