Lost Sounds II (b) (1984)

Basic Information
Japanese 失われた響きII
German Lost Sounds II (b)
Opus 033b
Year 1984
Category Solo
Duration 11 min.
Instruments acc, tape
Score information

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About this Work

Maki Ishii, 2000 Source: CD "Sonorities - Japanese Accordion Music - Mie Miki, accordion" (BIS Records, BIS-CD-1144)

My series of works Lost Sounds consisted of five compositions – the three pieces Lost Sounds I in versions A, B and C (for violin and accompanying instruments), then Lost Sound II for solo organ and Lost Sounds III for violin and orchestra; this piece, therefore, is the sixth in the series.

The name 'Lost Sounds' derives from the attempt to create a "Mugensenritsu" ("endless melody") that runs through all the pieces. The compositions in this series thus possess a sort of Leitmotiv, though without losing sight of their characteristic features (which are already determined by the individual tonal peculiarities of the instrument or instrumental combination). This version is likewise a composition that exploits the peculiarities of the accordion and thus constructs a unique sound world within the piece.

The accordion version of Lost Sounds II can be divided into three phases. First of all, the "Mugensenritsu" that serves as a theme is played by the accordion alone; then it is repeated in extended form by the tape. This, interwoven with other sonorities derived from the "Mugensenritsu", cautiously approaches lost sounds "with a hint of nostalgia".