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J-161-0034 Tokyo
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Musical Scores
Publisher ID Year Opus Title
ISBN 978-4-11-950143-6 1976 027 Black Intention I (for one recorder player)
ISBN 978-4-11-899151-1 1977 030 Black Intention II (for oboe, clarinet, and bassoon)
ISBN 978-4-11-911411-7 1977 031 Black Intention III (for piano solo)
ISBN 978-4-11-799033-1 1979 038 Drifting Island (for Koto (17-Gen) and percussion)
ISBN 978-4-11-911430-8 1980 041 Beyond a Distance (for piano solo)
(rental only) 1980 043 Ga-Ei (for koto solo and orchestra)
ISBN 978-4-11-932010-5 1997 109 Beyond a Distance II (for violoncello solo)


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